October 8

saying goodbye

  • What I liked about blogging? getting all the nice comments.
  • What I didn’t like about blogging? I didn’t like having to do all the writing.
  •  How many blog posts did I do? 9 blog posts.
  • Regularity? every week maybe.
  • Enjoyable/favourite tasks? my favourite task was probably  the poem of singing, dancing  and turtles I love turtles.

I enjoyed connecting with people around the world.

October 8

Boambee Bay Reserve Excursion!!!!!!

On Wednesday 14 of September the year 4-6 went to  Boambee bay creek reserve. we had lots of fun hiking and looking off the top of the headland we had lots  in the water and walking on the beach and then we went to the playground and saw a sting ray it was so cool and lots of fun.

May 25

Australian foods

Lamingtons: lamingtons are Australian. They have vanilla cake on the inside then melted chocolate and shredded coconut.

Sausages: sausages are made out of ground meat, often pork, beef  or veal with salt.german-sausagesCK_-_LamingtonThey both look so good.



March 23

My Easter Card

031how to make an EASTER CARD!

Things you need


paper (a4 paper).


Last of all a person to give it to.


How to  make the Easter card!

First of all you put your paper landscape than you fold the piece of paper in half and then you start writing  on the card and then you can colour it in. 030

031032That is how you make an Easter card.  I hope you like it.